Iva Krmpotić Urbić

Photographer, designer, financials…

Marko Urbić

Cinematographer, editor, designer, IT…

IMage Studio specializes in wedding photography and cinematography storytelling.
Our style is a combination of journalism + art. We search for those special moments & emotions that we want to capture in an artistic way.
This makes us an ideal choice for that unique event which comes only once in your life—your wedding day.
For the past decade, we’ve been polishing our skills, putting our creativity into practice and pouring our hearts in what we do—which is why we’re easily among the best in the country.
As a small, skillful and gifted team of photographers and cinematographers, we burst with new ideas and honestly can’t wait for the next challenge, be it a simple intimate wedding or an exquisite  gathering.

For each of our valued couples we choose a different and individual approach, which results in a wide range of new and fresh ideas with each new project, always keeping things relaxed, warm and friendly.
We will not only record your important moments and keep them from fading, but also look for those special moments and emotions which you would otherwise be sure to miss, revealing you fresh angles and hidden details from your wedding day even when you sit back at home months or years later.